Homeless Outreach Program - Feeding The Homeless

Homeless outreach

This outreach offers opportunities to prepare food and cut hair. If you are interested in preparing food, helping with haircuts or our bike clinic.
Please contact Terri!

Contact: Terri Merrick

Adopt A Block; bringing food to targeted neighborhoods


This is where we target a low-income areas in our city and just flood it with resources and love. This can take on a lot of different avenues:
Distribution of clothing and food at apartment complexes
Going door to door in neighborhoods with food and supplies
Distributing to Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities
Drive by distributions have become more popular since the pandemic.

next steps ministry providing gently used clothing to those in need


Next Steps Distribution gathers and distributes gently used clothing and household goods to those in need in our city. Our heart is to meet felt needs by providing items needed for those we serve. Arelia has distributions weekly with Harvest Outreach, who we partner with and on 4th Saturday Serve, we target different neighborhoods. This looks different with COVID, but the team has gotten very creative in resourcing clothing at drive up distributions and also all of those who text us with needs. This team has other opportunities each week in addition to 4th Saturday Serve. If you have extra time and would like to become a part of our Next Steps Team, please contact Arelia to volunteer or for donations.

Arelia Laster

restoring our city one home at a time


Continuously striving to meet the felt needs within our community by assisting with projects such as repair, cleaning yards, building wheelchair ramps, and numerous more. Additionally, we enjoy serving our schools and other non-profits with restoration projects.These projects are made aware to us by our volunteers as well as our adopt-a-block representatives. We currently have opportunities to help with the restoration of Canopy of Hope! Canopy of Hope is a safe temporary shelter for women who have been trafficked, sexually exploited, those coming out of jail, and other crises.

Text:  850-607-0453
Email: info@pensacoladreamcenter.org

serving our city


As opportunities arise, we include service projects in our 4th Saturday Serve. These vary according to the need. If you have ideas on serving our city.

Text:  850-607-0453
Email: info@pensacoladreamcenter.org