The Dream Center’s recovery program is a 1-3 year residential program designed to support men and women who are overcoming life-controlling issues, and recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, depression, and abuse. This program is structured to eliminate distractions so that participants can focus on building a healthy foundation to rebuild their lives. Food, housing, education, and counseling, are all provided free-of-charge.

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The Dream Center Veterans Program is a 1-year residential program designed to help equip military veterans with the spiritual, practical, and foundational skills needed to transition back into civilian life. We provide individual assistance to each veteran, while focusing on the spiritual principles and life skills needed to make a positive impact in their own life as well as those around them. In collaboration with local organizations, volunteers, and the Dream Center community, our goal is to help veterans develop positive social skills, find employment resources, continue in education, learn to utilize veterans’ benefits, and grow in a like-minded environment. Program participants will get to serve their communities, creating meaningful and lasting relationships, learn new practical skills, and help to discover God’s own purpose for their life.



The Dream Center’s Human Trafficking Rescue and Residential Program is a unique 6-month program designed to provide physical, spiritual, and emotional care and support to female victims of domestic sex trafficking, in order for them to experience and achieve life stability and restoration. With human trafficking marked as the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, and with over 400,000 victims of sex trafficking in the U.S., this program focuses on helping residents rebuild their lives and dreams in a family environment of love, hope and safety, and to teach what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ throughout this process of recovery and healing.

Hotline:  (877) 632-7234


Did you know that more than 80% of emancipated youth from foster care end up homeless within the first 2 years? Many foster youth face a minefield of problems from prison, to pregnancy, and even addiction. To help these vulnerable teens and young adults transition on to better opportunities, we opened our Emancipating Youth home in 2014. This program provides a safe and comfortable place where young men and women can learn to become self-sufficient. Working directly with the Department of Children and Family Services, we provide a community of support and resources here at the Dream Center to help them find assistance to make a future for themselves. The emancipated youth program is open to young people ages 18-23 who have been a ward of the state through foster care or probation.

Phone:  (213) 273-7174


Thousands of struggling homeless families have found refuge through our Transitional Housing program. We provide more than just food, showers, clean clothes, and a safe place to stay for six months. Additionally, a case manager is assigned, and mentors each family guiding them on the path towards independent living and permanent housing. Other resources are also available, including classes and tutoring for G.E.D., money management courses, mentorship, and even vocational training.

Phone:  (213) 273-7051 


The Dream Center Counseling Center (DCCC) is a faith-based resource available for all of our residential programs. Through DCCC, people of underserved communities who are enrolled in these programs are treated of emotional disturbances, such as trauma, substance addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, loss and grief, and other psychological distresses. Therapy and a variety of classes are offered and provided free of charge for everyone enrolled in a residential program at the Dream Center. It is also offered as a great training site for future psychologists who aspire to learn and grow in their careers.

Phone:  (213) 273-7032