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Meetings are the 1st Friday of each month – locations vary.

We have four areas that we focus on with regards to Human Trafficking:

  • Awareness – our main awareness effort is through our annual Walk For Freedom which we do in collaboration with A21.org, an international organization that is fighting the fight for freedom of HT and exploited individuals around the globe.  We also attend different events and set up a table with information regarding HT.
  • Education – we will come to anyone and present regarding HT.  We have several presentations and we try to streamline these to our audience.  We collaborate with police, FBI, Homeland Security, Called2Rescue and Klaas Kids for our presentation and bring in one of their representatives if the audience warrants it.
  • Prevention – keep HT from happening! Our current efforts are:
    • Not for Sale clubs for middle school and high school girls
    • I’m Not Buying clubs for middle school and high school boys. (anti-pornography)
    • Coaching and Mentoring high risk youth.  Our desire is to work with youth that have the indicators of being at risk for HT.  This included run away, juveniles, adopted and/or foster kids that show vulnerable characteristics.  These are extremely difficult situations and require additional training and background clearances.
    • Working with Klaas Kids to bring Say Something Assemblies into all the schools in Santa Rosa and Escambia County in the fall of 2019.
  • Stopping the Demand – We are partnering with Bill Tollis with IN HIS GRIP to take this message to all ages.  This is where HT begins.  Without a demand, there would be no need for a supply. 

Contact: Beverly Mayo

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Every person who comes to us for help goes though our PDC profile where we look at their natural giftings, their personality type, what they care about, what they are good at and their life experiences.  We believe that everyone was created for a reason and has a purpose here on earth.  Our goal is to try to get them to that purpose while we are helping them move forward in life.   We listen to their stories and take a look at where they would like to go with their lives.  We assess roadblocks and come up with a plan to move forward.  They are then assigned a coach that meets with them weekly and begins the journey of walking with them into a better future.   is assigned a coach that walks with them through life.  This includes meeting with someone weekly and encouraging them as they move into their God given purpose.  To be a coach or mentor all it requires is love and a little time.  We use the term coaches for our clients 18 and older and mentor for those underage.  It looks like this:

One Coach, One person, one year, one hour a week = an Impacted Life

Life coaching is proven to be the most effective way to help someone make life changes that last.

The need is great, please contact Pam if you are interested in walking with someone.

Contact: Pamela Carter

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Meetings are the 1st Thursday of each month- 6pm

Many times when people come to us to move forward, we find that they have addictions that need to be dealt with before we can be effective in helping them.  Our goal is to find the perfect program for them to become free of addiction.  Every story and every situation is different, so we are collaborating with local and national addiction recovery programs for our clients.

Contact: Steve Shates

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4 Th Saturday Serve and other serve opportunities throughout the month

Julie Luttrell- Division Leader  Contact: Julie@pensacoladreamcenter.org 

We have many opportunities to serve our community.  New volunteers meet at Serve Central at 9am (3351 Creighton Rd) and teams are dispatched from there.  Some of these have different opportunities and times so I have listed the team leads

Adopt a block – Julie Luttrell

Restoration – 

  This team has other opportunities each week in addition to 4th Saturday Serve. If you have extra time and would like to become a part of our Restoration Team, please contact Julie Luttrell.

Next Steps distributions– Team Lead- Arelia Laster   arelia@pensacoladreamcenter.org      

This team has other opportunities each week in addition to 4th Saturday Serve. If you have extra time and would like to become a part of our Next Steps Team, please contact Arelia.

Homeless Outreach – Team Lead Terri Merrick – terri@pensacoladreamcenter.org  This outreach offers opportunities to prepare food and cut hair.  If you are interested in preparing food or helping with haircuts, please contact Terri

Serving Our City– as opportunities arise, we include service projects in our 4th Saturday serve. These vary according to the need.  If you have ideas on serving our city, please contact Julie Luttrell.